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 Southern Settlement

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Ryu Pyroa

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PostSubject: Southern Settlement   Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:00 pm

Southern Settlement.
A small town located in the southern area of the Shiran Continent. It is surrounded mostly by a thick dark forest but is located in a large open patch with no snow.

Main Building: Because of the limited land in this area, due to the forest surrounding it, most of the town lives in this main building. It has about fifty rooms for people to sleep in on the five floors above the first. The first floor has a lounge to the right of the entrance and a bar to the left. Following the main hall will lead to the public washroom and the outdoor springs. One male, on female. At the end of the main hall is a door leading to the training ground.

Training Ground:
The training ground is a large open area. It has room for people to train anyway they wish. Bow and Arrows, Swords, Hand-to-Hand, and Spells. There are three large rings at the far end of the grounds for sparring.

The church is open to all people wishing to pray to St. Shiran. The large room at the back of the church is the hospital. People can go here to get patched up after battle and herbs for healing.

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Southern Settlement
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